Interactive Content

Powerful, flexible, and compatible code using client side scripting such as Ajax, MooTools and Jquery as well as  server side languages such as php add interactivity and life to static content

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Cross Browser Functionality

Our websites are designed to ensure compatability with major browsers

Firefox 3.0+ Internet Explorer 6 Chrome 1.0+ Safari 3.1+ Konqueror Opera 9.5+ Camino 1.0+ Internet Explorer 7

Mutilmedia Infused

No longer just images, present your vision and market your ideas using PC King's infused multimedia enabled content using

  • Microsoft Silver Light
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Streaming Videos and Audios
  • Interactive Forms

Live Support

Delivered on secure and reliable platform, PC King provides affordable and dependable hosting solutions. Our fully managed dedicated and semi-dedicated options enable you to host your mission critical website on powerful, secure and feature-full servers while our redundancy and fail-over options put your business ahead of the competitors by ensuring business service availability.

Powerful Features

Database Enabled
Powerful, Reliable and Fast, PC King uses MySQL and other Database technologies to allow various database enabled applications to work flawlessly

Programming Languages
With PHP support, PC King ensures your applications are readily deployable as well as PERL, CGI, ASP, ASPX, ASP.NET are supported

Automatic Updates and Security
Stay secure with automatic updates and PC King Firewall services

Remote Management
Remotely manage your files using Secure Shell or Secure FTP. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) sessions are also available

Tons of Other Features
Lots of other features available