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Advanced Web Services

PC King offers the latest server hardware with up to 8 cores processors running Esxi, Xen Server, Windows and various *nix distributions. The Customized Dedicated Servers hosted in world class data centers are perfect solution for your performance needs.

Advance Features
  • From Single Core to dual Quad Core Processing power
  • Available in 1 Gig of ram to over 12 Gig!
  • High Performance Sata and Scsi drives in Raid configuration or just plain reliable IDE drives
  • Remote Server Management over a secure channel
  • 10, 100, and 1000 Mbits connection options
  • Hosted in World Class Data Center
  • Your choice of Operating System

Professional design comes with innovative vision that our graphics and web development team keeps with them at all times for every project to create user friendly design. We ensure clientele satisfaction by working closely with our clients to meet their objectives and offer them a leading edge in website development. The creation of any website project by PC King Staff is carefully and professionally handled. The design layout, content, and applications are all skillfully arranged to compliment the customer’s needs for maximum ROI and optimal user interactivity.

Web browser / Search Engine Compatibility

Our design team asserts extra effort to ensure your website functions efficiently and is accessible through all major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Google Chrome. Furthermore your goal driven website is even designed and styled to be easily spidered by top search engines, to allow your businesses maximum publicity to your consumers.


PC King Design team strictly adheres to the web coding standards, but is not limited to them. Our team professionally maintains the web coding standards while integrating eye catching style to enhance site performance.


Multimedia adds dynamics and excitement to your website and is important in captivating your target consumers. It does not only increase your consumer flow but as a result leverages your profitability. Our team can artistically integrate sound, music, pictures, videos, animations and other applications to your website for a stunning interactive web experience.


Delivered on secure and reliable platform, PC King provides affordable and dependable hosting solutions. Our fully managed dedicated and semi-dedicated options enable you to host your mission critical website on powerful, secure and feature-full servers while our redundancy and fail-over options put your business ahead of the competitors by ensuring business service availability.

Powerful Features

Database Enabled
Powerful, Reliable and Fast, PC King uses MySQL and other Database technologies to allow various database enabled applications to work flawlessly

Programming Languages
With PHP support, PC King ensures your applications are readily deployable as well as PERL, CGI, ASP, ASPX, ASP.NET are supported

Automatic Updates and Security
Stay secure with automatic updates and PC King Firewall services

Remote Management
Remotely manage your files using Secure Shell or Secure FTP. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) sessions are also available

Tons of Other Features
Lots of other features available