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Joining the ranks of popular social networking site such as Face book and Twitter, Google has created a buzz of its own.

Google has introduced a new service called Google Buzz accessible through Gmail for users to create, share and update photos as well as share ideas, sites, and more! In this highly competitive social networking market, Google hopes to capture a considerable share through the introduction of the Buzz.

Buzz has the following features

  • No need to sign up; If you have a Gmail account, you are ready to Buzz
  • Automatically follow the people you communicate the most through Gmail
  • Publish the ideas and comments to the world or keep it private
  • All comments are saved to in-box for easy retrieval
  • Import Your stuff from Twitter,  Picasa, Flicker, and Google Reader and share with the world or with the private groups in your contacts

For more information on Google Buzz, Please visit