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PC King Computers is Canada’s leading web and technical service provider founded in 2005 in Canada's national capital Ottawa, helps consumers and businesses capitalize on their content and streamline business processes through the use and deployment of cost effective advanced technologies. The core focus of PC King is to provide an array of exceptional web and technical services as to enable its clienteles in developing their business identity and achieving maximum return on investment. Our team comprises of experts readily available to assist and guide your business to success. Lay back and relax, and watch PC King take care of your web and technical business needs.

July 1st of 2008, PC King celebrated Canada by inaugurating the add-on of high quality print marketing material to its outstanding line of services offered. PC King now does not only create powerful online business identity through web offerings, but also leads the way as Canada’s number one most affordable printing solution for individuals and businesses.

Social Responsibility

PC King harbors a friendly and safe work environment, but does not just stop there. We maintain high standards of social responsibility towards our society in all our personal and business interactions. We offer charities, schools, and nonprofit organizations 50% off from our website development services to assist and promote just causes.

Designing Green

PC King Computers greatly cares and respects the environment and strives to minimize its activities impact on the environment at large. The entire staff of PC King follows strict mandatory recycling practices to minimize theirs and the company’s ecological foot print. At PC King, green thinking is endorsed at every moment of our experts’ engagement in any project; because we at PC King realize that every bit counts to make a huge difference.